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 Ello mates!

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Ello mates! Empty
PostSubject: Ello mates!   Ello mates! EmptyFri Apr 10, 2009 5:39 pm

Hey y'all I never posted an intro over here so I thought I would.

My name is Ryan and I live in louisiana.

I play Halo and guitar hero the most but have many other games as well

I am from GamingByGrace, another christian halo clan along with Hardcore Christian Gamers/Sons of God.

I met a whole bunch of you guys in matchmaking one day and told them about our forums as well as they told me about your forums!

I'm a laid back Pastor's Kid that has been through a lot and I love having a good time. I am currently a colonel with my 40 being in MLG. I'm on the MLG Team for GBG also known as Unhindered.

I'm kind of an ambassador for the clan since I met you guys and have met some other clans in MM and because I'm on the MLG Team I perform an ambassador-like duty. But I'm not an official ambassador lol freedomdawg on the other hand is.

My gamertag is Adrenaline GBG or you can add SOG DaFlu
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Ello mates!
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